“The brains of our leaders determine our lives and the lives of our progeny.”


The purpose of the #LetMyPeopleLight is to implement radical shifts in gender roles to achieve harmony both universally in our societies as well as among the genders. While men will be given authority, women are sitting in the position of power. We plan to implement radical changes worldwide via a socio-political movement, operating as a branch of the SHAMIM nonprofit organization.

Biblical scriptures have claimed for centuries what is now confirmed by the scientific research:
Women are superior to men in most ways. Even though culture and the education both play significant roles, biology – the chromosomes, genes, neurohypophysial hormones, sense of smell, brain structure and interhemispheric connection – is what mostly accounts for uniquely feminine attributes. It is our duty to use this fact to our advantage, for the greater good of the society.

There are very few feminine leaders currently in the executive roles, both in civil society and in private institutions. Feminine does not necessarily mean female; only some women exhibit a majority of traits that are considered strongly feminine.

Our duty is to shed light on this issue, especially to men, pointing out not only the benefits of feminine leadership to the community as a whole, but also to men personally as heads of households, life partners, and fathers. It is important to recognize that men would be the primary beneficiaries of this change.

#LetMyPeopleLight is the official hashtag of this critical movement under SHAMIM. To sign our petition for gender harmony and to learn more, please log onto CSW.ngo. Also visit our sister platforms such as Feminine Peace, Gender Harmony and FemoCratia to learn more about our network and the quest for radical change to elicit gender harmony and universal oneness.